Welcome to AROPUB

Academic Research Online Publisher Sdn. Bhd. is an international publisher of a series of fast-track, peer-reviewed, open access international journals and books covering a wide range of academic disciplines.It aims to provide fast peer review process for all submitted manuscripts. The editorial model of AROPUB journals aims to ensure that only manuscripts that are both rigorous and provide a useful contribution to their field of research are accepted for publication. Every journal is collaboratively run by a relatively large, international experts.

List of Journals

International Journal of Petroleum and Geo-science Engineering (IJPGE)

International Journal of Material Science Innovations (IJMSI)

International Journal of Civil and Environmental Research (IJCER)

Journal of Advanced & Applied Sciences (JAAS)

Journal of Robotic and Automation (JRA)

International Journal of Engineering & Technology Sciences (IJETS)


AROPUB is an international leader of Scientific, Engineering, Industrial workshop and training. AROPUB education group has cooperation with professional lecturers in various engineering fields.

For more information please contact: info@aropub.org.