Workshop, Training Courses and Conferences Programs


AROPUB develops and delivers quality workshops,  training and conferences that provide valuable information on relevant academic and industrial fields.



The Workshop Series of courses is offered at AROPUB‘s regional offices around the world. AROPUB invests considerable resources in the development, production and improvement of AROPUB Certified Workshops. Workshops are taught by qualified instructors and the content is vendor-neutral, peer-reviewed and updated annually.


Training Courses

AROPUB‘s Training Group offers academic and industrial training services to government departments and agencies, public and private sector institutions, in Malaysia and abroad.



AROPUB  workshops and training courses cover virtually every technical discipline, learning style and level of competency, from basic awareness through mastery.  Learning what you need to know, at the right depth in following fields:

  • Conceptual study                                                                
  • Basic engineering
  • Detail design engineering
  • Operating and maintenance skills
  • Cost and management accounting
  • Quality assurance and control management
  • Health, Safety, and Environment
  • Project economics and risk management
  • Contracts strategy and management
  • International business communication skills
  • Academic writing and presentation skills
  • Engineering softwares

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The AROPUB Advanced Certificate program allows you to show your dedication to increasing your discipline specific knowledge and speeding your time to competence.  Certificates are available in many disciplines and are earned by successfully completing qualifying courses.


AROPUB organizes conferences to bring together  students, researchers, engineers, professors, and managers to network, share insights and discuss topics of interest.


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