How to Select Best Kind of Mobile Phone Battery

A mobile phone battery is one of the most important features to be considered while buying a smart phone. It is quite annoying when the battery dies or weakens in the middle of important calls. The seller might provide guarantee about the battery while choosing your handset. However, the truth remains that the life of a mobile battery is maximum two to three years.

What are the points to verify while selecting a handset?

Capacity: If the capacity of the battery is higher, its utilization time increases. Otherwise, it is often seen that after having 2 or 3 long conversations, your battery needs to be recharged. The only negative point is that a high capacity battery is long in size and heavier. Slim phones are also available of many leading brands, which come with fast charging mobile chargers, SD cards, and headsets.

Warranty: always make sure that the mobile set comes with longer period of warranty. This will assure that your battery will not get exhausted after a few years.

It is not always necessary that you buy the handset of a branded company. Any manufacturer, who provides the warranty of replacing parts and has the same quality and standard like the branded ones, is equally preferable.

Types of cell phone batteries:

Nickel cadmium commonly known as NiCad was once widely used in mobiles. The chemical used in it were harmful for humans. The mobile had to be disconnected before it was fully charged as there were chances of bursting. At present, lower grade companies use such type of battery.

Nickel Metal Hydride: they are the improved version of NiCad and give more power and run a little longer. As it can be fitted in any size, it's a favorite of mobile companies.

Lithium ion: This is made by using more advanced technology and lasts longer. It is quite expensive and has more capacity than NiMH of the same size. It doesn't adjust with older types of phones.

Lithium Polymer: the added benefit of this kind is that it is enclosed in the plastic cover instead of metal one. Therefore, it is light and due to its compatibility, it is highly recommended.

It is advisable to charge the new batteries for 24 hours undisturbed before using. Batteries usually malfunction, when it is over charged or it is being used regularly. Having long conversations also affect the capacity of the batteries. Charge the mobile whenever you get the signal to recharge. This will prolong the life of your phone batteries.

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