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There was a time when businesses really questioned the need of a website. Well, very few do it now! Same is the situation with mobile applications now. Certain businesses (very few now) still wonder the use of mobile application for their business when they already have a website. Despite the many advantages of traditional websites, something which lets the users access the internet using their mobile devices is important. This is basically due to the fact that majority of the population these days use Smart phones and want to access everything using these devices. As a result, some have optimized their websites for mobile devices such are smart phones or tablets while some have developed custom Mobile applications for the same.

But what exactly is the difference between a Mobile Website and an App? Let's have a look!
Mobile applications are specifically designed to run on Mobile devices such as Smartphone, tablets and etc. They make internet applications and services more easily accessible on these mobile devices. Mobile websites on the other hand are just like any other websites which consists of browser based HTML pages that are linked together and are assessed over the internet. But mobile websites are designed specifically to run on smaller screens of Smart phones and iPads which are handheld and have a touch-screen interface. This is the basic characteristic difference between a mobile website and a normal one.

Mobile applications are downloaded and installed on the mobile device and do not need a browser to work on. These are independent applications. Users can download apps from different portals based on specific devices such as Android's Play Store, Apple's App Store or Windows Store etc.

Whereas Mobile websites are readily opened on browsers on the mobile device. Whenever we open a website via a mobile device it automatically redirects to a mobile version of it.

Mobile Applications may pull the content from the Internet just like a website; it does not need a browser to do so. It can also download the content from the internet so that it can be accessed later without the availability of an internet connection.

Mobile websites have all the functionalities of a normal website such as its text content, videos, images and any other kind of data. In addition of these normal features they can also access mobile specific features such as GPS mapping based on your location and calling by taping on a phone number.

So these were some prime differences between a mobile app and a website. As it can be observed, mobile apps several functionalities and features which a mobile website can never provide you with. It is useful when you want functionalities which are more specific and cannot be achieved by a browser.

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