Things to look for in your home phone and internet package

In order to get the most for your money it is worth considering an all-in-one package for your home phone and broadband internet, as many providers will offer a discounted rate for purchasing everything as one. Some will even offer an additional mobile phone contract at a reduced rate, as well as a SKY or cable package for your TV. This also makes life easier when it comes to paying your monthly bills, as you will only have to remember one bill and you will probably notice that you are making savings each month compared to your previous set-up.

There are numerous providers offering an all-in-one package but you will need to do your research to find out what will be most suited to you. Many offers require a BT landline in order to get started, which in itself has its advantages. Unlike other landlines, a BT landline will allow you to make free calls to certain numbers such as those that start with 0800 or 0845. In addition, BT landlines offer competitive rates for calls to other UK landlines, with reduced rates for calls made in the evenings and on the weekends. Used in conjunction with your mobile, which may offer cheaper rates to other mobiles, you will see notable savings.

For broadband there are again a variety of packages available and you will need to assess what download limit you will require in order to reduce the risk of running up an expensive bill. Be wary of offers that provide 'unlimited' internet as these are often subject to a fair use policy that means they are in fact not unlimited at all! If you are the lucky owner of a smartphone you will again need to check carefully your monthly internet allowance, as some providers offer as little as 0.7MB. There are, however, some phone companies that now offer an actual unlimited internet rate for their mobiles; so that users can have peace of mind in knowing that they aren't spending more than they anticipated.

If you are thinking about incorporating a TV package then it again pays to do your research. If you are a fan of sports many households enjoy they SKY channels because, despite being overall more costly than other TV options, it can still work out cheaper than a trip to your local for several pints and a packet of crisps! If you have a high definition TV you should also consider how you will obtain the high definition channels. This usually comes as standard now with SKY or cable TV, although households can also opt for a FreeSat receiver that only requires a one-off payment.


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