Comparing Phone Contracts and How to Decide Which One will Suit you best

If you are thinking about changing your mobile phone now is the time to give some thought into your phone usage requirements.

If you are trying to run a phone on the cheap and already have a handset then you can go for a sim only contract. You will be able to pay a monthly fee and have an allowance of minutes and texts or internet usage. This will appeal to the person who is not interested in the type of phone that they use and only uses the phone occasionally. Some people like to own and carry a phone for emergencies only or simply to make very quick calls or texts once or twice a week.

Another even cheaper way to run a mobile phone is to use an existing phone or purchase a basic model that can only make texts or makes calls without any fancy settings or facilities. Then buy a simple sim card that allows you to top up and pay as you go. You can top up sim cards in most supermarkets, garages and corner shops. This type of phone and set up should be for the occasional user - the sort of person who would suit this deal probably only uses the phone every now and again. Some people like to carry a phone when they are away on business or travelling.

The next option available to you is a cheap monthly contract with a free phone - this would be less flexible than pay as you go because you would be tied into a 12 or 24 monthly contract. With this type of deal you would pay a fixed monthly amount and have an amount of texts and minutes available to you. Some very good deals are available for as little as £10 per month you may have 100 texts and minutes. This deal would suit someone who wants a new phone and does not use the phone constantly.

The best deal for the mobile phone addict is the all-inclusive deal - you may pay around £35 per month. For this type of contract you would normally have a nice 'top of the range' phone with such a high allowance for texts, calls and internet that you could never go over it.

There are so many variations of mobile phone contract available that there really is one to suit everybody. The secret is to make sure you don't allow yourself to use the phone outside of the limits - this can mean a costly bill. If you regularly go over allowances it is useful to pay a little extra each month to give you a substantial amount of extra usage.


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