The age of the mobile phone; who knows where it may lead

If you're in a public place and stop to look around, you are almost guaranteed to find the majority of people have a mobile phone and are almost glued to it. However, many are not using their phone to make a call but rather to text, take pictures, browse the Internet or check social networking sites.

With the increasing number of functions of a mobile phone, it is becoming possible to do a huge variety of things on the move - some may even say they are becoming like a mini computer. There are a number of comparisons between a mobile phone and a computer; beginning with the actual components, both have a screen, keyboard and battery as part of their essential make-up. Furthermore, both have the ability to play music and videos, access emails and the Internet, create documents and spreadsheets and play games.

The link between computers and mobile phones is becoming greater as time passes by; there is much overlap between the two devices, and they can even be synced to one another to allow easy access to information, pictures and audio/video files at all times. With the huge variety of computers and mobile phones on the market you can choose devices that complement each other well, emulating the way in which they are run and the tasks they perform.

Browsing the Internet used to be a rather frustrating exercise on a mobile phone due to slow loading speeds and the size of the mobile phone screen not supporting website page sizes easily. They were seemingly incompatible. However, with the creation of bespoke applications for many websites, the experience of browsing the Internet on your phone has now become in many ways akin to that of a computer. This is because the applications are tailored specifically for mobile phones.

In addition, when browsing the Internet on your mobile, many websites recognise this and either automatically load mobile versions of their site or give you an on-screen prompt for this. Once again this shows how mobile phones have become the forefront of modern technology. To think how far mobile phones have come in such a short space of time is incredible.

Although there is still a need for a computer in many circumstances, a mobile phone is increasingly useful in that it enables you to access information whenever and wherever you choose. After all, making life easier is the ultimate goal.


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