The Benefits of Voice Messaging

It is impossible for any business to be successful without customers. And in order to grow a business you must talk to as many of them as possible. In addition studies show that contacting leads within five minutes of them showing interest increases the likelihood of them becoming a customer.

A voice messaging system can help you with do more with less. It is a simple way to communicate with both sales leads and current customers. It is a system for calling a large number of individuals and presenting them a prerecorded voice message. These messages are recorded by you and your employees, allowing your contacts to have a good and personal experience. It also frees your live agents to be working with those contacts that show the most interest.

Voice messaging systems managing telephone messages that can then be sent to a large number of people. They are perfect for sales, prospecting, lead generation and appointment-setting, or for any other organization that want to make a high number of calls in a short period of time automatically using a prerecorded message.

There are some key features to look forward in a voice messaging system to make sure that you get the best service and highest returns from your investment

Find a system that uses a single screen for the multiple tasks it has to perform. This will allow your organization to efficiently cover all the tasks you need: leaving prerecorded messages, recording calls, converting leads, sending emails.
Make sure your voice messaging system allows for the option that any lead listening to the pre-recorded message has the option to be routed to a live person, receive an email, or opt out of future calls. This should be as easy as simply pushing a button for the recipients of your messages.
De-duplication is a must. This feature automatically makes sure the same phone number will not be sent the same message numerous times.
You will want a system with the capacity to manage your do not call list. Look for software that will not only keep track of those contacts who ask to be taken off of your calling list, but also one that will cross-check against the national DNC list for larger projects by utilizing the CRM.

Going with a trusted company that will host your voice messaging system will save you money compared to purchasing your own hardware and software to run the system yourself. This will allow you to effectively start sending messages to your contacts regardless of how little prior experience you have with voice messaging, and will also give you flexibility as your company expands.

Voice messaging will free your employees from making simple, routine calls while still allowing your customers to receive a personalized message from your company and easily getting in touch with a live person. A well designed voice messaging system has the potential to catapult the progress of your organization.


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